Web Performance Monitoring

Web analytics have enormous value for growing any business, but companies are often unable to extract and refine this data.

Traffic statistics and social media interactions to count for something must be analyzed in search of valuable information that lead to better business decisions and strategic business moves.


The Big Data generated by web analytics platforms, however, need expert hands to be treated quickly and interpreted in the best way. Barometro has the skills to test and detect traffic on a site at regular intervals, through the control of a series of parameters, metrics and SEO analysis.


The tools used by Barometro allow you to measure the performance of a site, monitor the conversion rate, and solve any problems with the positioning of the Google search results. Barometro identifies the KPIs to be taken into consideration to evaluate the way in which an online advertising campaign performs.


From Facebook to Instagram, from Yotube to Twitter, they provide traffic analytics on the profiles created, as well as tools for monitoring and analyzing interactions; through which it is possible to obtain precise information on the involvement of users with the published content and on the degree of interaction with the brand and the performance of paid advertisements.


Still in the social sphere, Barometro constantly monitors the brands, the competition and the issues of interest to the customer; determines the sentiment of the conversations, and intercepts promptly any reputational crises.Works carried out: Research on the online patient experience of patients with Multiple Sclerosis · KPI and Revenue monitoring of a Google publisher with 15 million page views / month · Investigation, via app, on the interests of the members of a cooperative credit bank · Monitoring Web Analytics of a corporate TV of a banking group · Analysis of content, text, images and videos, engagement and interactions of the main beer brands on social networks · Study on the most popular accessories in a car, through the analysis of the trends of Google · Cyberbullying analysis told by social media by teenagers · Testing the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign to promote the consumption of fresh milk among children · Research on the performance of digital touchpoints in a confectionery industry, through the monitoring of KPI indicators (Key Performance Indicator) · Study on the impact of social media in box office film performances · M monitoring of the online reputation of an innovative device for smokers · Survey on the issue of corporate climate, through an online questionnaire, on behalf of an electricity operator · Development of an audience data analysis system for a streaming distribution service of films and TV series managed by a telecommunications operator · Online monitoring of audiovisual and multimedia piracy · Evaluation of an online information campaign on vaccination against Papillomavirus.