About Us

We help companies to deal with new scenarios.

Barometro provides information, accurate and timely analysis to take decisions based on data.

Barometro works on client innovation, audiovision sector, Media entertainment, Energy and Utility, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sector. We help companies to take important decisions not on personal sensasions but on objective economic and market analysis.

Knowledge today represent the most important resource for every company.

Since 1998, Barometro works on television data analysis, the reports are built with the processing of bit data set, and they offer a complete vision on the experience of fruition of tv audience. Barometro is a landmark to receive timely and accurate insights on dimension, demographic composition, involvement and behavioral tendencies related to every television platform.

Most companies are acquiring only a small part of the value of data’s  and analysis potential.

Barometro learns continuously new skills for complex problem solving and at high intensity level. It works on proprietary databases and of providence open source, it develops simulations, scenarios and report, documents and dossiers, on behalf of companies that compete in  industrial sectors sensible to the potential of knowledge.

In a data-driven world, Barometro helps companies measure themselves with new scenarios. Customer success is the greatest reward.

Barometro is the right partner to identify the market’s niches more profitable, to reach big success and to have close during an emergency.