Big data for social research

When data science meets social sciences: the benefits of the data revolution are clear.

The social sciences are benefiting enormously from the computing power achieved by the multi core microprocessors installed a few years ago also on commercial computers. Barometro  activity includes a profitable production of reliable statistical surveys and social analyzes, inspired by the most rigorous multidisciplinary scientific standards; conducted in collaboration or on behalf of authorities, trade unions, trade associations, foundations and third sector bodies.


Depending on the objectives of the research, the methodology can be statistical in nature, with the use of sample surveys, census data and interviews; monographic and historical, in which a purely qualitative technique and document analysis are used.


In addition to research activities for clients, Barometro  carries out, on its own initiative, second level research and analysis, through which the most interesting dynamics of the country's socio-economic and political reality are deepened.


Monitoring, dimensioning and interpreting, in the public interest, emerging social phenomena related to studies on social, economy, training, work, health, safety and communication represents for Barometer a demanding and interesting activity that has allowed to study, through dozens of works carried out, the fundamental themes of society.


Works carried out: Survey on the role of the local police in urban security · Study on the social-welfare needs of the elderly in Sicily · Monitoring of an information campaign to prevent youth smoking · Research on child labor in Italy · Opinion poll on communion with the divorced · Customer satisfaction of the social services of the municipality of Cagliari · Sensitivity of the hotel tourism market with respect to the green economy · Research on the opening of commercial businesses on Sundays · Investigation on the topic of biopolitics, research on embryos and assisted fertilization · Survey on the right to vote for immigrants for the administrative elections · Tracking study on minors working in the metropolitan dimension · Report on equal opportunities in managerial positions in public administrations · Research on early school leaving in Italy · Survey on the figure of support and disability administrator · Statistical survey on and perceptions of Italians about the environment · Analysis of female representation on board of directors of listed companies · Survey on the quality of the system, education, training and employability of young people in Tuscany · Survey entitled "Children and safe sport" for Bambin Gesù Hospital · The most popular symbols, Personalities and monuments, of the Unification of Italy · Study on the effectiveness of training for disabled people in the Regione Lazio.