Television audience measurement

From traditional TV to the main streaming TV platforms, Barometro is at the forefront of monitoring ratings and programming strategies.

TV is still the main means of mass communication both in terms of number of viewers and duration of listening, and is still considered the most effective advertising vehicle for the sale of consumer goods and services; It is therefore of fundamental importance for content producers and advertisers to understand the viewing behavior of free and paid digital TV.


Barometro has developed a proven system for monitoring the audience of national television programs and is able to translate marketing objectives and apply them throughout the entire media planning process.


On behalf of television publishers, producers, content distributors and companies that invest in advertising, Barometro checks daily the audience of the programs, the profiles of the public and the programming strategies, carries out analyzes on the satisfaction of the TV concept through research, interviews and focus groups .


Barometro conducts accurate, independent and credible analyzes on the participation of political, institutional and corporate leaders in talk shows and information programs, in order to assess the impact they have achieved on the target audience.


Combining impressive speed, flexibility and sophisticated reporting capabilities, Barometro provides customers with information supported by timely and up-to-date audience data.

Work carried out: Positioning and attractiveness of audience for the development of the second season of a TV series · TV monitoring of the original programs for the purposes of Equal remuneration for Private Copy · Ranking of the 50 most viewed programs for the weekly DiPiùTV · Research on how to fruition, interaction with the public of the advertising of a national radio broadcaster · Ranking of the most popular news on TV for the weekly Panorama · Television monitoring of advertisements in the intimate product classes, hosiery or beachwear · Daily analysis of audience data of a channel for preschoolers · Analysis of the audience of an episode of a talk show late night · Economic enhancement of the product placement in a television drama of a car manufacturer, through the analysis of KPI indicators · Analysis of audience data on kids and teen targets of an Italian Live Action broadcast on Rai Gulp and Netflix · Study on the value of rights antenna of the film library of a production company · Report on the Italian TV market for a meeting between television entrepreneurs and foreign investors · Analysis of films broadcast on TV, by nationality, distributor, genre and audience · Monitoring of advertising investments by operators of mobile telephony, through the Nielsen AQX software · Creation of a database in SQL aimed at census the artistic and technical resources involved in national fiction · Audience data analysis of political talk shows during the 2018 election campaign for Policies · Market analysis Italian film production · Auditel data analysis of the factual programming of television networks dedicated to