Predictive and forecasting research

Knowing in advance the success of a business, Barometer offers the tools to predict market trends.

Knowing in advance the success of a business, Barometro offers the tools to predict market trends Predictive analysis has been known for several decades and used by many companies and government organizations to operate more efficiently in understanding the behavior of customers, citizens, and in shedding light on risks and market opportunities. There are numerous areas of application of predictive analysis, from market forecasts, to models of mathematicians for the spread of diseases, social phenomena, political, economic and socio-demographic scenarios, up to electoral predictions.


Barometro applies the most effective investigation methodologies to identify relevant and reliable future results in many areas. The predictive solutions are based on the collection and processing of time series, the monitoring of the current situation, the purpose of reaching the best assessment of what will happen in the future.


Using the objective results described by the predictive analyzes, it is therefore easier to make timely decisions, taking into account the critical scenarios, and the emerging opportunities, and their impact that they could have, in the competitive position of the company and that of its competitors.


Measuring the projection of market demand is the starting point for any marketing activity, Barometro  offers insight to understand where the markets are going.


Works carried out: Market test to predict the sales performance of a new line of biscuits · Research of forecasting with Conjoint analysis for an Agri-food Center on the demand for a food delivery service for an Agri-food Center on the demand for food delivery services · Ecommerce market forecast analysis of DVD caskets of the most popular TV series · Scenario analysis (SWOT analysis) of the parking demand for a parking site near an airport · Predictive blind test on possible candidates for governor of a region · Study of forecast of the population in Tuscany by gender and age · Forecast analysis of spending on gaming in Italy after the lockdown · Market study on smart speakers and its future applications.