Statistic analysis & business intelligence

Most companies are acquiring only a small part of the value of data's and analysis potential.

Barometro offers its expertise and experience in the outsourcing of statistical analysis and business intelligence.

The company is the strategic partner for data analysis solutions (from structured bases and open-source databases), market research, opinion polls and second level treatment of research results. The output of the work done by Barometro is used by customers to optimize decision-making processes, in daily management and in strategic planning of companies.

For more than twenty years Barometro has focused on data acquisition and transformation flows into valuable information; scrupolo is dedicated to the control of data sources, cleaning, elimination of duplicates and normalization of databases. The reporting tools go beyond the processing of tables, graphs and histograms; Barometro quickly generates reports that make trends explicit in an accurate and thorough way.

Thanks to the rigorous data processing, and to the numerous controls adopted, therefore, those results are obtained that are capable of fully understanding the information contained in the data. Barometro uses the best data analysis software, including: Access, Excel, Microsoft SQL, Tera data, Oracle, Ingres and MySQL, Python, R language.


Works carried out: Survey on the degree of interest of a sports service provided by a press agency · Observatory on the diffusion in the GDO of typical products of a region · Analysis of the KPIs obtainable from a multinational beverage company as sponsor in Formula 1 · Research on the fidelity card and loyalty programs for a chain of large-scale distribution · Regional elections 2015, analysis of voting flows · Analysis of the impact of a communication campaign on the "correct use of drugs" · Conjoint analysis on corporate fares of an airline · Reputation Insight for a sanitaryware industry with a view to listing on the stock exchange · Sentiment analysis of stakeholders with regard to a telecommunications company · Processing and analysis of data on the flow of tourists in Tuscany by duration, origin and type of accommodation · Analysis of results of a survey on patients of the white codes at the triage of the Emergency Department of a Healthcare Company in Tuscany · A analysis of a survey among the buyers of the main commercial vehicle models · Analysis of the profile of graduates hired by multinational companies · Exploratory survey of the most selected musical styles, by country, on Spotify.